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Diet Dew Sweeps : Discovery Channel

Prize Value:  $93,750
Published at:
Number of Prizes:  1
End Date:October 13th 2013 expired (expired)
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Entry Frequency: Daily
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Prize(s): 1956 Chevy Nomad restored by Gas Monkey Garage (Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman) with Dale Earnhardt Jr. as detailed on Discovery's Fast N' Loud, and an $18,750 cash award to help pay taxes on prize.

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Mac posted on April 04, 1974 3:25 am :
Original Running gear
Mac posted on April 04, 1974 3:38 am :
Got a 1935 Chevy 2 door would be nice to be able to do this dream come true...:
thomas watson posted on April 04, 1974 4:28 am :
Thomas WATSON I watch your show all the time you to guys are out of this woruld the best i have ever seen very nice job on nomad love it cool
joe mclaughlin posted on April 04, 1974 12:10 pm :
great show and a great job on the nomad
helen posted on April 04, 1974 10:53 am :
love the car and the show!!
bill matt posted on April 04, 1974 12:23 pm :
bill I watch this show all the time you guys are the best
Daniela posted on April 04, 1974 9:55 pm :
It would be really sweet to own this Nomad. It turned out really nice.
David posted on May 05, 1974 2:46 am :
Watch them redo the red nomad into the bright geen mountain Dew color Wo

Watched the Gas Monkey guys turn the red chevy nomad in to the bright green Mountain Dew color WOW it
turned out awesome!!!!!!
Sue posted on May 05, 1974 12:48 pm :
I love the 50's Chevy line - my dad was a mechanic for Chevy cars & I lived in the garage with him watching him. My first car was a 53 Chevy & I loved that old 3 speed on the column. If you did not know how to change a tire of check the fluids you had no business driving. I love the nomad & what a great car that would be to have.
Mike posted on May 05, 1974 1:07 pm :
BrotherMike I,m 66 years old and never had the time or money for an old car...what a dream come true
LuAnn posted on May 05, 1974 12:04 am :
Love the show and the people on it!! Would be a real joy to win!!
Sally posted on May 05, 1974 12:17 am :
This would be a dream come true for my husband and I!!! We love Gas Monkey Garage, Diet Mountain Dew, and Dale Earnhardt Jr!!!! Talk about a triple win!!!! My husband would be so surprised if I won this for him!!!!
Stephen posted on May 05, 1974 12:20 am :
Hey this is me Stephen and I just love this car its green and I love Mountian dew 1 of me favorite drinks so I just hope I win and umm.... yeah so love your show watch it almost everyday and I just never EVER had the spotlight , bye the way Chris Fualk's comment is awesome.
Kim posted on May 05, 1974 12:22 am :
Would be my dream to have that awesome car- love fast n loudest awesome show everrrrrr
Todd posted on May 05, 1974 10:36 pm :
I have been a fan of the 1950's Chevy Lineup...mainly '57 Chevy Bel-Aire, however, I have seen many nice rebuilds and custom rides for '57 chevy truck, nomad, I think those models are ALL Customizable...
I have 2 in my sites and if I do not win the DietDew Nomad, I will then purchase either one of the 2 '57's I found or the '56 Chevy flare side truck, then have Gas Monkey build it...Thanks


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