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Sweepstakes Advantage Review

Sweepstakes Advantage Review Review Summary: Outdated look, no filtering or sorting, no images, too many ads but decent inventory. 2 stars

Right away when you visit the Sweepstakes Advantage home page you notice two things. First, an advertising banner slides in from the left and blocks part of the navigation menu. You get rid of it and notice how outdated this website looks. It has been around since 1997 and seems like it hasn't been updated since.
The side menu gives you a few options which don't seem to follow any grouping or order. However, a box section in the middle labeled "Browse Sweepstakes by Category" shows you a mixture of categories such as Book, DVD, CD and Tool but also options for entry types (daily, weekly, unlimited, Canada, etc.).
What would you do if you wanted daily entry sweepstakes with cash prizes for Canada? You can only click on of the links - so don't get too fancy and lower your expectations. Or go somewhere else and leave Sweepstakes Advantage now.
If you scroll down a little you see two more sections: You can browse sweepstakes by prize (again) and see popular sweepstakes by destinations. That's a cool idea! So if you wanted to go to NYC or Hawaii you could just click the right link here. Oh no, wait! The only two real destinations are Vegas and Florida. Other destinations are things like "Coke", "GMC", and "Womans"! Well, Florida and Las Vegas are two great destinations.
SA List So once you make a choice and click a link it takes you to a page with a list of sweepstakes sorted by "I don't know". Of course Sweepstakes Advantage pops up another ad first and you need to click to close it. Each listing has a title, a prize description, eligibility information, and expiration date. There is a bunch of other links to dig this, tweet that, and comment here. Unfortunately there are no images of the sweepstakes and no options to sort or filter the list. If you click on the title of a listing it takes you to the actual sweepstakes page. Cool! At least no registration required!
Here are two positive features of Sweepstakes Advantage: It has a pretty good inventory of sweepstakes and there is a Sweepstakes Pop feature which allows you to open multiple sweepstakes pages at the same time. So let's say you decided to enter 5 sweepstakes then the site would open all 5 for you and while you enter the first one the other pages would be loading and then ready for you.

Overall our review can only give 2 out of 5 stars to this site. One start for the decent inventory and one for the pop feature and the fact that no registration is required. Review by Owen Engle on May 27 2013 .

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