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Scotts LawnService(R) Backyard Escape
$11,344 | 17 Prizes | Ends 01/11/16 |+09/16/15 | (Home & Garden) 
info rate comment  Custom backyard retreat, lawn service for a year or one of 16 additional prizes. Grand prize is custom Tuff Shed, up to $8,000. If the Tuff Shed is less than $8,000, winner will receive the remainder as a prepaid gift card up to a maximum of $4,500. First Prize (3) Scotts Lawn Service for a year. Additional prizes of hammocks, grills, picnic tables, games and more.
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The Scotts LawnService Thank You for Being a Great Customer
$26,804 | 3 Prizes | Ends 01/13/15 |+09/17/14 | (Home & Garden) 
info rate comment  One lucky winner will choose one of three fabulous All-American lawn tour destinations, including: San Francisco & Napa Valley, Washington D.C. & New York City, and Asheville & Charleston! Plus, 25 Winners will receive FREE LAWN SERVICE FOR A YEAR! That's not all - 50 winners will receive a Miracle-Gro AeroGarden.
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Scotts LawnService
$28,610 | 1 Prize | Ends 01/13/14 |+09/20/13 | (Home & Garden) 
info rate comment  One lucky winner will choose between 5 fabulous trip destinations, including: Punta Cana, Napa Valley, Park City, Key West and the Mediterranean. 25 winners will get free lawn service for a year and 15 winners will get an Apple iPad.
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