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Partner Program - Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to answer all your questions about our Parter/Affiliate Program.

Why should I participate in this program?

You're audience expects you to share information about interesting, new and cool websites. We do believe that we have something great to offer to those who love entering sweepstakes or are about to discover their love for it.

We want you to benefit from telling your audience about Sweepstakes!Max because we understand that it takes a lot of time to run a website or blog.

Am I allowed to run my ads on your website?

Google AdSense: Yes, please refer to the following Ad placement policies by Google.

Affiliate Networks: We are not aware of any networks prohibiting this.

Other Ad Networks: We can't speak for all networks. You may want to check with them.

How can I verify that my ads will really show to those I referred?

You can click on your own referral link and then either:
a) mouse over the ads and see your affiliate or publisher id in the status bar or
b) look at the source code of the page to see your ad/banner code.

Google Ads: Do not click on those ads since that would violate Google's AdSense Policies.

Where will my ads show?

You ads will show on the following pages:

How many ads will show?

Google Ads: Four ads will show: One text ad on top, two banner ads in the middle, and one banner ad on the bottom.
When the user changes the sort or filter criteria or paginates within the result-set then the two banner ads in the middle won't show anymore. This is due to Google's AdSense code not supporting content loaded through JavaScript.

Other Networks: Two ads will show: One on top and one ad on the bottom of the page.

How do you track the visitors that I refer to you?

A cookie is placed when someone clicks your referral link and lands on our website. This cookie is valid for 90 days. If this visitor creates an account with the cookie present then that account is linked to you.

When will my ads show?

Once your account is approved your ads will show if:
  1. the tracking cookie identifying you as the referrer is present or
  2. the visitor is signed in and her/his account is linked to you.

How do I get paid?

You won't receive any compensation from us. But your ads may generate earnings and the ad or affiliate network would pay those out to you.

I don't have a Google AdSense account. What to do?

You can show ads from other networks or you can open a Google AdSense account.


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