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Frequently Asked Questions

What are all the features of this site?

Please take a tour to explore what Sweepstakes!Max has to offer.

How do I use the bookmark?

Please click here for more detailed instructions on how to use the bookmark.

Why should I use the bookmark?

Here are the top 3 features:
  • Auto-fill online sweepstakes forms.
  • Auto-scroll to forms further down the page (below page fold).
  • Quickly navigate to next sweepstakes.

Does the Sweeps!Max Bookmark submit entry forms for me?

No, it only fills it for you. You need to manually submit the entry form for various reasons:
1) Automatic submission could disqualify you.
2) You need to validate online sweepstakes rules and eligibility and manually accept such rules.
3) You should always think about whether you want to submit your information to the website hosting the sweepstakes or not.

Do sweepstakes rules prohibit auto-fill?

Often rules prohibit automated submission of sweepstakes entries by agents, robots or other types of programs. We do not support such automated submissions.

With Sweepstakes!Max you physically visit the sweepstakes page in your browser (on your computer) and then you simply use the smart bookmark to auto-fill your personal information instead of typing it in. You manually submit the sweepstakes form by clicking the submit button on the page. You may even have to click a checkbox to agree to the terms & conditions. The submission comes from your computer, your network, and your IP address.

Can I use the Sweeps!Max Bookmark on any website to fill sweepstakes entry forms?

Yes, absolutely. You can use it anywhere - even with a sweepstakes that we may not even have in our directory.

Can I use the Auto-Fill Bookmark with any browser?

It should work with any modern browser and we've tested it with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari!

I changed my email address but it keeps filling forms with the old one. What's wrong?

There is an "Account" email address and one to "Auto-Fill" forms. Most likely you only updated your account email address. Please double check that you also updated the email address to auto-fill.

After entering a sweepstakes I need to click the bookmark again. Can't you just navigate me to the next one?

We'd love to do that but that is technically not possible.

Sometimes the bookmark does not fill any fields in the form. Why is that?

Most likely it is due to the way the sweepstakes form is setup. Often the actual input fields don't have proper names. Unfortunately the text labels next to them don't help us. We don't want to get you bored with more technical details but we are continuing to improve this service!

The bookmark only filled a few submission form fields. Why is that?

There are 2 possible reasons:
  1. Maybe you clicked one of the more limiting auto-fill links. Example: You clicked "Name + Email" which would not fill address or phone info.
  2. Maybe you do not have some auto-fill info setup in your auto-fill profile. If the address field in your profile is empty then it can't get filled.

The bookmark does not work on when using Chrome browser. What to do?

Facebook blocks our bookmark from working - but only in Chrome. There is nothing we can do about that. Since there is no auto-fill on anyway you simply need a way to get to the next sweepstakes. Here is what we recommend:
  1. Sign-in first and return to this page.
  2. Bookmark this page in your Chrome browser.
  3. Place the bookmark to be next to "Sweep!Max".
  4. Right click on the new bookmark and select "Edit".
  5. Change the Name to something like ">> Sweep" or just ">>"
  6. Change the URL to:[Please sign-in first]
  7. Click Save
Now you can use this 2nd bookmark when you are on facebook to get to the next sweepstakes in your queue.

What makes this site different from other sweepstakes directories?

There are various other sites out there such as Sweepstakes Advantage or Online-Sweepstakes. But in general they are not easy to use, don't offer images or auto-fill, don't allow quick sorting & filtering of listings, and just litter their pages with ads.


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