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Sweepstakes by Better Home and Gardens (BHG)

Here are sweepstakes from BHG which brings you ideas for home improvement projects, gardening and and entertaining.
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BHG Daily
$2,900 | 1 Prize | Ends 02/29/16 |+02/03/16 | (Home & Garden) 
info rate comment  Various furniture and home decor prizes from Better Homes & Gardens.
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The Best Yard
$3,499 | 1 Prize | Ends 06/30/16 |+02/02/16 | (Home & Garden) 
info rate comment  Better Homes & Gardens is giving away a John Deere Z335E Ztrak zero-turn radius mower and a check for $1,000.
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Pay Off Your Bills $10,000
$10,000 | 1 Prize | Ends 03/15/16 |+01/13/16 | (Cash) 
info rate comment  $10,000 check from!! Go to the site and submit the entry form with proper details to get the entry and get the chance to win this sweepstakes.
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Organization Celebration
$15,000 | 1 Prize | Ends 04/10/16 |+12/13/15 | (Cash) 
info rate comment  $15,000 cash from Better Homes & Gardens.
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