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About Sweepstakes!Max

us We're a small group of people that love sweepstakes and that love creating fun websites. In early 2013 we noticed that all other sweepstakes sites feel somewhat outdated and haven't changed in ages. Some are littered with ads while others are not very nice to look at. So we decided to create a new site that would have great listings and be really easy to use. Our focus was on how we could make it easier and faster for sweepers to enter and win!

The Team

  • Judy is the biggest sweeper. She loves entering giveaways and she loves winning them even more. She came up with all the features and the concept of the website.
  • Owen is the tech guy and did most of the programming. He gets a beating if something doesn't work :)
  • Ryder is also a programmer and works on graphic design as well.
Judy and Owen are married. We all live in Southern California and love spending time out in nature - away from our computers!!

User Testimonials

Bryan:quoteWithout sweepstakes!max winning would be a lot harder - thank you!

Jeff:quoteI try to make checking in to SM a part of my daily or nightly routine, and I have found listings for contests that I did not see elsewhere. You have a great site.

Shira:quoteThis is a great place to find out more about sweepstakes. I think the specific categories could be a little clearer to make it easier to search for specific kind of giveaways!

Mary:quoteYou're set up is great. Very easy to decide which sweepstakes I want to enter. Links always work. Thank you

Casandra:quoteLove love love this site! Makes finding all the sweeps super easy!

Holly:quoteEasy to find giveaways, quick to enter, everything is all in one spot!

Yuri:quoteNice website with great giveaways and sweepstakes.

Joe:quoteThank you so much! If I win I will let you know

Sky:quoteI want to win a new hybrid car and millions of dollars. I will be using this site. :)

Denise:quoteI love Sweepstakes!Max! I am going to use it every day!

Jerry:quoteSweepstakes Max is probably the best in ease of entering alot of sweeps. All required info to enter is mostly in a smaller space thus more sweeps on each page and all info needed is very clear.

Kathleen:quoteThe sweepstakes are listed so that it is easy to see the prizes, the end dates and how often you can enter the sweepstakes.

Jennifer:quoteI love the pictures how i can see what im entereing but it is a WORDY site and not a clean layout. I also cannot figure out how to organize my sweeps by expiration date.The light pink and green colors give an "old feel" to the site and I dont beleive i would enjoy looking at those colors for hours during my sweeping.I like how u have easy access to your facebook page.I also already use daily the contestgirl site and its the best in layout. thanks

rhonda:quoteI like the page set up and it's fun to use.

Stephanie:quoteGreat site! Easy to navigate too

natalia:quoteGreat Sweepstakes Max.Easy to navigate and many to choose from.Thank you!

Barbara:quoteThis is where I go to find all my sweepstakes

Missy:quoteI like it and will recommend it to friends

Anthony:quoteVery helpful tool, although any serious contest entrant has autofill already in their browser, Sweepstakes!Max seems to be a bit more accurate on some entries, and also fills in more of the info that the browser autofill may not. Its also very handy to have a quick index of contests to enter, all at the click of a button to move on to the next.

Kathy:quotewonderful site, a great time saver, with everything laid out so I know how many times to enter and I just have to click!

Janet:quoteFantastic site....I found sweeps that I have not seen before. Kudos

John:quoteConcise with all info needed. I will use Sweepstakes!Max frequently.

Kelley:quoteLove the ease of use!!! Its nice to be able to filter out the types of sweepstakes Im not interested in and go directly to the ones I want.

Mike:quoteYes it is good ... better if I won more :)

Dayene:quoteIt would be really nice to win something for a change. Your site also offers several nice give a ways to enter.

Nathan:quoteLots of up to date and easily sortable contests all in one place. I will definitely use this site to enter more giveaways.

Mariza:quoteAll the filtering options are very useful.

Sarah:quoteI love to enter sweepstakes, and this seems like a very nice and organized site! I will more than likely add this site to my list of visits during my entry times. I saw quite a few sweeps that I wasn aware of, which is a plus in my book!

tamie:quoteI think this site is great there all kinds of contest to choose from.

Robert:quotePretty good site for entering sweepstakes.


Britney :quoteI used to search the web a lot for sweepstakes and often wished I could find someway to see them all together. Id seen other sites but I hated having to scroll through a bazillion pages to see everything. I was so happy when I came across I love the way its set up. So may sweepstakes all on one page like some kind of a huge database very easy to view and sort by and I can scan it so quickly to see what Im interested in and what Im not. It is definitely my go to site for sweeps now. The only thing I wish for is that I could know about sweeps more closer to the opening date. When I don find out until 2 weeks later im at a disadvantage especially if the sweeps involves voting or something. I have not won from using sweepstakes max YET but I hope to see some wins in the near future!

Dave:quoteLove the site. I didn know it existed until today. Now bookmarked.

lataevea:quoteI like how the sweepstakes are organized for easy entry

Branden:quoteI like the website and how you can search by prize category, entry type, and every entry is labeled with expiration dates and how many times you can enter

Tyler:quoteEasy to use, no spam! Love this website!

Theresa:quoteI love Sweepstakes Max, especially the Disney Contest and I really really hope to win. Thank you for sharing these contests.

Cathy:quoteI love this site. Thanks for the opportunity to try it. I will continue to use it regularly. Lots of great sweepstakes and I will most definitely recommend it to all my sweeps taking friends.

Sharri:quoteThis site makes it very easy to browse and enter. I have one would be nice if we could sort them by entry frequency, and if we could delete those that are one time entry.

Melissa:quoteI love your site! It is well organized and updated with the most recent sweeps!

Dave:quoteSweepstakesMax appears to have a nice selection of varied sweepstakes. Appearance and layout are nice and clean, with quick response times while Ive been on the site. Free to the user. Nice selection of filters and sort options.

neelam :quoteI loved using Sweepstakes Max because I found lot of good sweepstakes at one place. I will be definitely using this site for entering into sweepstakes.

Lincoln:quoteLike the site. I signed up and will be using Sweepstakes Max daily.

marty:quotevery easy to use, like the way it gives information about the sweepstakes

Michael:quote.........THANKS Sweepstakes!Max.....

Meredith:quoteI like that the site has a way to filter instant wins, but I probably won switch to this site. I love Contestgirls format better--I prefer list format to columns.

Kristina:quoteAbsolutely love this idea! I enter sweeps as a hobby, and I will definitely use this site. It is very easy to navigate and easily accessible.

Amy:quoteI like the way its organized. I have found several sweepstakes I haven seen before. I will use it more often

Bing:quoteI love that there are many ways in which I can filter and sort the sweepstakes and giveaways I want to enter. The auto-fill feature is a huge plus. These features definitely make it easier and faster for me to enter promotions that are most relevant to me!

regina:quoteIts a really good sweepstakes page ,its very easy to navigate and its even easier to enter sweepstakes through here , you keep up with the latest contest, sweeps better than sweepstake lovers or any of the others out there ,i know caused ive looked everywhere else until i found you so i definitely agree that Sweepstakes Max is the best place to get all the sweeps available and if they are not listed here there is a reason ,ive never had a bad link here or no virus from any of your postings so im happy right here !!

Irina:quoteThis one is particularly nice sweepstakes site.Im crazy about winning prizes.This website is an compilation of sweepstakes all around the Internet. I can win all the stuff that I dream of like thousands of dollars in cash, luxury car, trips to exotic places and much more

Beverly:quoteIve used a couple other sweepstakes sites and find this one refreshingly different. It seems quicker and easier to find contests I like and less clicking to get there. Only time will tell, but I do like this one at first glance.

rocky garcia:quotelarge selection of current sweepstakes and i like how quickly the entry forms download.

Lisa:quoteI like it! Very easy to use and I like having the rules easily available.

Bryan:quoteI'm a sweepstakes!max addict. I can't stop ...

Kimberly:quoteThe filters on Sweepstakes Max make it easily the best sweeps site. You can go through quickly and easily to see the sweeps you want to win and they are always updating it so you get in on the newest sweeps. I would definitely recommend this site to others!

Michelle:quoteLove it! Will be entering away for sure :-) Thank you

Mia:quoteSeeing so much content on the first page is extremely overwhelming. It would be nice if the prize description would give a brief summary of what the prize is.

Robert:quoteI like the sorting and categorizing filters. The site seems to be fast. I really have no fegative feedback to disclose. I look forward to using this website more often in the future.

Thomas:quoteThanks! Nicely setup and I like the sorting options.

Lori:quoteVery easy format and I like that the descriptions are right there on the page

Arlene:quoteSweepstakes max is fun and easy! I love it! I recommend it to all sweepers out there!

ouida:quotenice site, easy to enter,enjoyed visiting and will continue to use it. thanks

Robert:quoteI like the fact it lets me know when and how often I enter a sweepstakes

Margaret:quoteEasy and quick to use. Love it.

Mary:quotethis will help me enter sweepstakes max and it will make my life easier

faith:quoteit is an awesome site

lee:quoteit looks good! it is easy to see what i might be interested in entering.

Meredith:quoteGreat sweeps! Love the way the site is organized.

REGINA:quoteI like the site, its easy to navigate and the contests are clearly instructed! thanks!

tammy:quotelots of giveaways love it !!!

Marlene:quoteI really like how you can filter your results

Caryn:quoteLove Sweepstakes Max. Thanks so much for an awesome site

Barry:quoteSweepstakes!Max is one of the easiest contest sites to enter for great prizes. Thanks!

Pam:quotecool site to enter sweepstakes.

Amanda:quoteI love your site,love all the different giveaways that you can enter.

Ellie:quoteLove your site! My friends told me about it a nd now Im hooked.

Andrei:quoteSite is very well organized and easy to navigate.

Jasmine:quoteSweepstakes!Max makes it easier to weed out the sweepstakes you don want to enter and to find only the ones you do. Sweepstakes!Max is a fantastic website for all of your sweepstake needs.

Cleo Browne:quoteThis is a excellent service with fabulous prizes to win.

Justin:quoteIts simply awesome and awesomely simple!

Breanna:quoteBEST SITE EVER:)

Sylvia:quoteI LOVE Sweepstakes Max

Charlyn:quoteI love how easy it is!


Daniel:quotegreat site - I like the layout

Rick:quoteGreat site. Nothing more to say.

Kerry:quoteLove Sweepstakes!Max

Michelle:quoteIve been paying a monthly subscription for sweepstaking for the past two years, I thought that site had it all. I was wrong, I find so many more sweeps here on Sweepstakesmax consistently. I wouldn change a thing, Im hooked. Michelle

Kimberly:quoteI love Sweepstakes!Max. I hate it when Im too busy away working to use it.

Kathy:quoteFiltering is a great time saver and auto fill makes it even easier

[noname]:quoteI love sweepstakes Max! Best sweep site I've found!

Jenny:quoteI think Sweepstakes!Max is awesome. I like how you're able to hide the sweeps you have entered and add the ones you want to enter to a queue.

Tammy Tina :quoteI like that you can toggle between 1 or 2 row displayed. I have used the Auto Fill and love it!! The only problem I have ran into is when you have a sweepstakes listed as a one time entry and it turns out to be a daily. Bummer :( I really like how up to date you are.

Lori:quoteI love the category, entry type and listing type. that will make things nice. And Im so glad you kept autofill!!

Jake:quoteI love how it shows the picture of the prize and I love how easy it is to use in general. Another thing I really like is the auto fill button you can put in your bookmarks, can wait to start winning more.

Justin:quoteBest site for sweepstakes - hands down

Jody:quoteI love the auto fill and category choices!

Tracy:quoteI really love this makes entering sweeps so much easier!

Janis:quoteI love Sweepstakes Max, it continues to improve and makes entering sweepstakes so much easier. I have recommended it to friends. The autofill feature is the best part. I also like that there is a small window icon of the sweepstakes page along with the description.Keep up the good work, Sweepstakes Max is a winner!

Cheryl:quoteI love sweepstakes

Wayne Lecoy:quoteI love entering contests. Thank you for doing this website.

Tricia:quoteLooks very user friendly. Love the auto-fill feature!!!

REGINA:quotei love it you have everything need to make entering so easy!!!

Miricle:quoteGreat site! Thank you.

Dianne:quoteThis site makes easy to see which ones you have visited and entered. Love it

Darla:quoteI love the features and organization. This site is very useful for people like me who enjoy the thrill of opportunity to have so many chances to win prizes. Its so easy and simple here!

Debra:quoteI had given up on sweeps because they were a pain to enter, however, I love your site and the way it is so easy to see what you are signing up for and to enter. I will join. Keep up the great format please! I love the screenshot and its so much better than "list" sites! I have a blog and will check into submitting too!

jeri:quoteI like the way it is set up to keep track all of my sweeps!

Kerri:quoteI love the auto-fill and the easy categorized sweeps. The sweeps gives details on prizes and you know which ones you have entered because of the icons. I love everything that you have done and I hope that it never stops.

Jesse:quoteI think that SweepstakesMax is a great website to entry and record Sweep giveaways.

Melissa:quoteI loved how the site is now more user friendly. I especially liked how you can categorize between the visited, skipped , and filled entries.

Helene:quoteI like your website. I like the fact that it is free!!!!

marleana:quotei love this site its so easy to fill out lot of sweeps cause of the autofill

Elizabeth Green:quoteThis is an awesome site. Everything seems easy to work with.

Mike:quoteGreat Site .. user friendly....

June Lisle:quoteI like all the options to filter and search sweeps. Great site :)

Tina:quoteFantastic Site!

Nancy:quoteThis is very user friendly and I like the actual pictures of the websites--it makes it easy on the eyes. I can't believe that all of this is free!

Tricia:quotelove contest sites,thanks!


Samantha Perrin:quotelove everything about Sweepstakes!Maxs website and its very easy to use.

Beverlee:quoteIt looks like the best sweepstakes site Ive seen! Ive definately got to start trying it more.

melody:quoteI love to enter sweeps hopefully some day will win some good stuff!

Joanne:quotewas easy to use

Beverlee:quoteIm using this site over now.

Amy:quoteI love how easy the entries are, and scrolling down I noticed many more sweepstakes that I will enter today.

Tammy:quoteThis is a very easy way to enter contests!!

Sue:quoteI love the chance to win things.

Kathleen:quoteI like the way its set up, makes it easy to look for sweepstakes to enter.


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